Carbon Fibre Bonnet Fitted!



right, well, after about 5 hours work, the carbon bonnet is finally on.....


had to mod the bonnet stay fixing thingy on the bonnet, was just a hole, so i fitted a plastic bonnet stay mount, bought from autospecialists, they state its "chrome" but its just painted plastic....

however......damaged in transit, this is the second time it has happened, so im not bothering to return it, just make a minor repair, KingRoderick
stylee, although mine isnt as bad as his.....both sides have damage like this.....


not the clearest of pics, but both sides have resin damage, wondering whether or not just to try and build it up with lacquer...?

panel gap is crappy though, look at this!


oh, and it took 5 HOURS because the bloody latch part on the bonnet wasnt long enough....cue lots of chopping of the bonnet catch mounts to raise that up, then to find the weight of the bonnet wasnt enough to spring the catch and lock the bonnet in place, so more messing around...finally got the blinking thing fixed down after removing the spring from the catch and jamming in a twisting a screwdriver to loosen(and effetively knacker) the spring, meaning it was easier to lock the latch.....phew.....didnt get chance to fit the windscreen washers anywhere either..
Looks good. 8) 8) 8)

Mine has the holes already out for the jets but they need enlarging. I also need to alter the air intake. I may go for a k & N 57i or merely chop and change the GMK.
just luurrrvve cf bonnets..

gotta save a fair amount of weight too! :D
this bonnet can be lifted quite easily..

i didnt want to fit bonnet pins, as that meant drilling the surface, and one good feck up, and the bonnet will look shit.

same goes for the washer jets, although i may try to get them fitted to the support frame under the bonnet skin, only a tiny bit of drilling there.

where can you get clear resin from to fix the corners?
the front wings can be bought for $130, but in fibreglass, not sure how much it would cost to have the doorskins and rear hatch done in c/f though.....and they would have to be painted...
Think of the weight savings if the driver had a few salads istead of pies :wink:
Take out the seats as well, they weigh a ton!!

Carbon bonnets Definatly look cool!

btw I have one for sale!!! :LOL:
Looks cool but be vary wary if you are not going to fit bonnet pins, they are STRONGLY reccomended as the bonnet can spring from the catch easily.......... I am sure Alex has pictures of the damage this can cause.
sorry for the late reply, internet's been down all week...

mine shouldnt do that, takes a fair bit of shoving to get it past the spring in the bonnet latch.
It is more the fact the bonnet is so light and the frame is only glass fibre.....

Chances are nothing will ever happen just personally I would not take the risk!!!!!.

Looks v nice tho.