carpethead pics



Here you go a few pics....





Can you see the bacofoil heat shield on the IRMC:frown2: I'll have that sorted at the weekend and give it a good look over. I am really impressed with this car, a few tweaks here and there and it will be pukka.
Nice piccies there Colin, but i would think the bacofoil is doing more harm than good :confused: isnt that helping to keep the heat in, rather than allowing it to disperse?
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You would have thought putting a chicken in the oven ...when I was collecting the cat the guy said to me I've put this foil on to keep it colder I thought r u mad? "You'll definitely need a new IRMC? Dont think so matey, a transistor and probably an hour, or even just take the bacofoil out.
I just havent had time to take the bacofoil out yet.
Bacofoil I ask you.......
Tidy motor bud....Makes me wish I'd gone for the xpack...just love the leather.
I'm impressed with my cat

I wasnt even looking for a cat, just trawling ebay looking for a merc or a primera gt. Saw that with 14mins left and just bidded and won it for ?ú850.00. That is VFM. Antway picked it .....luv it!:yesnod: How mads that I normally drive new cars..and find them totally boring. This is the first time in about 3 years I've enjoyed driving a car. So there u go.
F ooooooooooooooooooooo
k me ?ú850,if only id waited 12 months :LOL:,nice one m8y,looks nice (y)
Nice Cat Mate, nice price. Probably payed a bit much for mine but I love 'er anyway so you should love yours even more!!!! :D