cat 2.5 luvin it



as above ive picked up my cat in silver n lovin it,the only thing is concerning me is when i stop the engine water leaks from the exhaust and the box on the left opposite the exhaust and worrying me it might fail an mot for this and what is the box on the left opp the exhaust is it a cat converter?has anyone else had this and is it anything to worry about?
regards jay ;0)
Hello and welcome to the forum. The 'other' box is another silencer, the exhaust goes to that one and then back across the car to the box with the tailpipe on it. I get a water leak from the front of the right-hand box where, I believe, there is a small manufactured slot to allow the water out.
thanks guys phew n there was me worrying i noticed it dripping its ok after a long run but on short distances it drips fairly bad didnt know wheather to get some exhaust filler n seal the hole up on the left box?
right ok thanks for that you learn somrthing new everyday im glad i asked now thanks guys for your help and i must say lovin the site too :)
yh i noticed that aswell lol and the smell of fuel too when i first start the beast up lol :0)
Do they sound as good from the outside as they do inside? I'm in love with the V6 growl!​

Either I have a busted cat, or they all sound better on the outside:
Smooth growl on the inside, but wind the windows down and I get a spitfire-like exhaust roar that makes the engine sound primal. I fell in love with it 3 years ago...
Do they sound as good from the outside as they do inside? I'm in love with the V6 growl!​
I don't know what exhaust set-up you have dj, but if it's OEM, you wanna get yourself a stainless steel twin exhaust from MIJ in Walsall, near Birmingham. You can choose between sport, mid-sport or full sport on the exhaust note, believe me, you wouldn't be disappointed, we had a Group buy there earlier this year.(y)
hello scud, welcome iv just joined too..luvin the site.
i noticed the same thing on mine and instantly worried but spoke to my son in law whose a ford technician and he said the same as the other lads, its particularly strong on v6's and better out than in!!