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Aug 9, 2007
I am moving forward the move to the new software to next week.

The forum will be offline for about a week from the 15/3/10

Nothing will be available and you will see nothing but a blank page while the works are being carried out.

Im moving it forward as I have other things to do coming up over the original dates.

This time around there will be no emails sent out as the email server will be down. I will email when we are back online though.

Its going to be worse than I first anticipated as a lot of things need to be reverted before I can move to the new software and set it up.

If its looking like it will over run then I will pass a text around to the people I know to text on to people they have numbers for etc etc..

stay tuned on SCC and also NECO as I will try and update when I have time.

If you have outstanding for sale adverts or other business at this time please make sure you have alternative contact details

as you have been advised rob dont burst a gut doing this,take your time we can always get councilling for withdrawl symptoms lol
No worries mate there isn't anything i'm organizing till August (Ford Fair) and the next big meet is April's "Scotfest" and CastleCombe/Bath and i'm sure you will be back on the ball by then :)

Just get all those Birthday greetings in early lads ;)
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Cheers Rob, it really is appreciated, although we don't show it often enough!!
I have quite a few phone numbers mate so can help if required
Have you started already bob? I only ask as on my mobile I access the forum via the old home page on my mobile (only because i don't know the URL for the forum) but for some reason it wouldn't load this evening.
Good luck with this Rob - hope it does not extend too much beyond from what you are estimating. You're a STAR!!!!!

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