Review: 5/5 Chipsaway, Basildon


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May 10, 2014
  1. "ChipsAway" Re-Spray
  2. good points: Neil Dobson (franchisee for Basildon) visited my car on the drive at the weekend, walked around the car identified all the damage on the car (2 very large scratches, 2 medium scratches, 2 minor, 1 dent) the 4 larger scratches were through paint layer and you could see the primer. The choice of colour blend is near perfect (I can't spot where new paint is blended into the original). Due the number and size of the jobs to be completed he took my car away to be dealt with and it was returned within 2 days looking fabulous. I wish I had a before & after to share!
  3. bad: to my amateur eye a perfect job
  4. Review I would definitely use Neil Dobson again
  5. Purchase price 660 (inc. VAT)
  6. Purchased from (Neil Dobson: ChipsAway, Basildon)
  7. Product quality: 5/5
  8. Value for money: 5/5
  9. Overall rating: 5/5


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