Chrysler Prowler


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Apr 26, 2005
Nr Evesham Worcestershire
Saw one of these the other day in the same colour.
How cool did it look with driver and passenger with black full face helmets.
Always loved the hotrod type cars :smile5:
Just done a search as thought being a few years old now and being Chrysler they would be cheap..ish, how wrong.
Only one i found for sale was 2001 and asking ?ú29.999 :eek6:
The Chrysler is very nice but I'd rather have a genuine period (or perhaps reproduction) hot rod running a large V8.

I used to but 'Custom Car' and 'Street Machine' magazines when I was in my teens (as well as various other hormone inducing magazines :ihih:) and used to travel all over the south visiting shows and meets with my old man. I always dreamt of owning one, one day :smile5:. Perhaps I will still...always fancied a Wilys Coupe with chopped roof and suicide doors in black...nice...:yesnod:
Always been a fan. I have really grown to love the old American hot rod style. One day, one day.....
saw one in Dobbies car park a few months back and it certainly draw plenty of attention.

Shame its only 253 horses from a 3.5 litre and 4 speed auto only and i cant even find any 0-60 figures!
Thats one ugly car, especially with the pedestrian killers that are installed on the front! :)