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Sep 9, 2004
All, are there any convoys from the Midlands on Saturday? Is there a post that IÔÇÖve missed?

I seem to have lost a thread :frown2:
Who is travelling South and where are people meeting, i seem to remember Phil mentioning Watford Gap services?
This thread is about Saturday Alan :frown2: you need the Friday one, which is midday at Watford Gap Services (y)
Still arriving at Watford Gap around midday and waiting an hour for anyone who wants to convoy in.
Otherwise see you all there, have safe journeys.
ok so if i'm coming from M6 - M1 Rugby junction where is the nearest meeting point for a convoy for me, i expect there will be a few coming from my direction YES?

As you may know i will be travelling home after a hard long drive the night before harewood so i may require someone to follow as i will probably be half asleep as usual.

what time do we have to be @ the show ground (don't say 6am) ?

i'll try to get onto my neighbours internet while away so will try to get updated on meeting points and times, but just incase i hope Phill stab yer will let me in on the info and gossip so i can make it.... (i'm gonna sleep most of the day me thinks if i make it there)

lov ya awl!
followed a link, old link probably, dude, i hasn't the time to look at dates? laugh!!!

believe a link from JJ's post some where i used, maybe i'm wrong?

i can't be arsed just lately, lost the spark for this club..... regretably i'm bored with my car.......................... i am sure i was quite the enthusiast previous years!