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Aug 9, 2007
All members,

This is the last time I will ask this. When posting threads on the forum please make sure you use the correct section for posting in. Garage talk is not a dumping ground for people that cannot be bothered to locate the correct sections in the problems or modification sections.

It is not fair on the moderators to have to log in every night and move threads around because of other members idleness. If you are unsure on what section then use the general mods or problem section.

This may seem like constant nagging but it does make the forum easier to navigate and also allows the search system to work, which also takes me a long time to constantly index.

If I see repeat offenders from now on I will edit your account to prevent you from posting in the garage and general sections
. You have been warned!
I agree on posting in the right area, And you shouldn't get it wrong........... But feeling sorry for the mods is something i don't do lol
Seriously i would also ask all members to take a couple of seconds to just THINK! about what and where you are posting. I can't speak for all the mods and admin, but i'm sure it's the same for them. I can spend hours moving posts into their correct sections of the forum. New members yes! it is understandable but, i've said it before, Come on guys, it's not rocket science.
Last time that this subject came up I suggested 'naming an shaming' for the persistant offenders, the idea was rebuffed but if, for instance, I am one, then if I thought that the 'eyes' of the forum, meaning 'all members' were watching for my indescretion, it might prompt me to be less stupid, lazy or whatever the reason is, and if it's spotted, if an ordinary subscriber sees it and tells the offender, then maybe it can be deleted before getting buried in the mountain of posts/threads for that day. My idea wasn't to embarrass the offender, merely make the forum 'self policing' for that particular aspect.
I tried posting this as an announcement but it seems to have gone un-noticed, so i'll try it here. Seems to me some members are not just mistakenly posting in the wrong area, but couldn't give a toss where they post, so from now on, regular misplaced posts/threads WILL be deleted without warning or reason.
If your eyes are as bad as mine or worse, i can highlight the text in RED if it'l help!!

Duplicate Thread posting/Posting in wrong section

It seems to be the season for members posting exact duplicate threads, or posting new threads in the same forum sections on exactly the same subject, or simply not taking the time to post in the correct section. I have closed threads and removed threads, moved posts and threads, i've informed members via pm to take more care when posting new threads and posts.
Incorrect postings are liable for removal without notice. You may see your post count dropping as well as your threads disappearing.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, i'm sure your time is valuable. I know mine is!
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