Coug with a Subaru spoiler


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Jun 3, 2009
Sunny Scunny
Not fitted yet, but this is roughly how it looks. The colour match is not bad to be fair.

Would genuinely welcome thoughts....holes are not drilled yet!!!!



i like it one minute, and i am little unsure the next - usually when the wife is peering over my shoulder going "it's bloody horrible."
i am 95 per cent certain it will be going on the car, worst case scenario it goes on ebay (spoiler, not the car)

But the deal Phil Robbo was offering was too good to pass up.

Nice to chat again Phil, sorry I could not stop longer but i had to see my kids before their bed time.

Top bloke as always - thanks

Sorry Si, but you did ask for opinions.

A bargain is a bargain, but I really don't like that at all.

Not my car tho mate, and it's whatever floats your boat ;)
Cool as then :)
It does look to me like a scooby spoiler on a cougar. Which I guess is what it is, but it doesn't flow with the car or enhance the look. The cat is a naturally curvy beast.
Saying that Paul (Procomm) loves his ironing board (y)
From that below back shot I don't like it much but it looks better than some of the oem type ones which look pap, the shot from above looks good though and let's face it, that's the angle where the majority will see it from.
Stick one of the pictures on your fridge..if you still like it in a fortnight bolt it on. :D

It's what I told my boy to do when he said he wanted a tattoo. I'm not gonna stop him but I did impose a rule. Put the design you want on the fridge (so he sees it every day). If you still want it in three months go for it.
It's taken two years for him to reach three months. He now has a tattoo :D
Give us a photo taken from a high front angle and a side on shot Si. It looks like it should mount ok. I think i'd also conside blanking the 3rd brakelight if you intend wiring the spoiler light up.
I can see mounting it being troublesome, the cougars boot lid is curved and the subaru's is flat maybe trimming the legs slightly so they follow the curve :) Would like to see a full side shot to see how it looks before making a decision on whether it meets with my taste :beer:
i am genuinely surprised there have not been more geniune positive responses. I am though starting to see what you guys are seeing with out my frosty coloured blinkers on.

I still like it, but I can see how and why you would have your doubts.

Might still do it though
Not sure Si, but it's your car that it's going on, if you're happy with it, then that's what counts.
It would be a boring car if we all liked & did the same thing.