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Cougar fest thank you 07



Hello every one. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the people who organized the fest. It was great although I only stayed for the Saturday. I didnÔÇÖt know what to expect from you guys as I had only met ginja before but as soon as I arrived I felt welcome :) I would have liked to stay the night but didnÔÇÖt have any camping stuff with me and like a fool made plans for the night. I would also like to thank jezport of fitting my cougar head badge on the parcel shelf top notch measuring technique lol. In case you are wondering who I am IÔÇÖm the random guy who arrived with ginga and had the yellow streak in my hair classy ay ;) I am fairly shy so if I seemed rude to any of you IÔÇÖm sorry. Any way thanks again guys looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Likewise,many thanks for the warm welcome recieved.
I was a bit unsure what to expect being one of your more elderly members :oops: but really enjoyed the weekend.Was great putting faces to names and there was no way the weather was going to put us off attending (Glastonbury had nothing on the field we were in).
My daughter had a great time as well,especially the puddle hopping after her 10th Woodpecker last night (or was it this morning) flat on her arse covered in mud for the second time laughing her head off :LOL:
Hope you got the cocktail umbrella out yer tounge ok Maz :eek:
And Gareth (GPIMP) on the dance floor with Mo and Shaz..wicked.
Richb and Ria's cake..fantastic
So many memories, oh and Kullies snoring :wink:
Jemma enjoyed it so much she wants her own Cougar now :D
She also wants to thank Jason for the hoody.
So thanks again for the well run weekend.

Rich and Jem
Definatley going next year but for the whole weekend this time any info on next years lol? the sooner the better
Great idea im so bad at rembering names i forget mine some times lol no seriousley i do
It was a great event people, even though I was only there for the Saturday.

Beggars - it was nice meeting you, thank you so much for helping out and getting stuck into Alex, Bobby and my cars, thats what the club is all about!

Roll on 2008!
Yeah it was good to get some new-blood in the fold, you need to sign up for more shows in the year mate, its the same old fun & games as the fest, or perhaps one of the legendary Midlands area BBQ's/Curry nights :wink:
We both had a ball as usual, great to meet everybody. The weather never stood a chance of spoiling a fantastic weekend, the DJ was superb on Saturday night, the friday boozing session through til 5.30am was a great start.
I enjoyed the relaxed approach to this years Cougarfest, free to stagger around the place and chat without the constraints of a schedule, thanks to everybody who organised this weekend, it was the best yet. :D
What an excellent weekend. Mo and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The weather certainly didn't put a 'damper' on things and only added to the fun.
I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved in organising the Fest and everyone who turned up.
The DJ was much better than last years.
Thanks also to everyone who gobbled up Mo's curry chicken/curry goat and ensured there were no left overs.
Thanks Rich for baking another superb cake.

Finally, thanks to everyone for being cood company. :wink:
Shaz & I would just like to add to what's already been said in the above.
We had a really "SOUND TIME LAR".. 8) .
I'm sure my blood level is still about 99% proof.. :p
i'm off the beer until we all meet again, i thought Lemsip was a good cure for
hangover but i was still hungover at 9pm on sat night from finishing at 3am
fri/Sat morning...anyway it was superb to meet up with you all again.

oh and by the way i won the item on ebay i was after, chrome clock surround's.


should look nice with my new white dial's, i'll post piccies once fitted.
Love & Respect to all of you.
Shaz & Dave
I had a fantastic time! Looking forward to next year, I just hope we dont lose things off the car before we get there this time! :LOL:
Amazing weekend.

just wouldnt have been the same without the mud :LOL:

Weren't my cuppa!........... :eek: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :eek:

HA! Aye, it weren't bad all things considered, great turn out, and great mates!! Nuff said!!!!! :wink: :D :D :D :D