Cougar Modding History In the Making


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Feb 29, 2008
Castleford, West Yorks
Its not often in our short lives that we get to see something that truly takes our breath away, the birth of your child or a space shuttle launch for example.

Today ladies and gents i invite you to bear witness to one of those moments..a feat of modding that flies in the face of conventional wisdom where it is stated that to fit a C2 grille to a C1 you must chop 3" off each end..not any more my friends..behold!:



If this has been done before..i'll get me coat.
nice one, ive thought bout doing that to mine before, bringing it in line with lights, your reg is very similar to my old one, i was t776sfl ;)
Hey, no worries, i am used to being a trend setter..i've even thought of a snappy title for the mod:
"the Dogsbody method of fitting a C2 grille to a C1 cougar by means of thinning the ends rather than chopping them off and fixing by means of carefully fabricated stainless steel mounting lug extension pieces mod".

Catchy eh?
carefully fabricated stainless steel mounting lug extension pieces mod". what about us less fortunate and quite useless twits who can't "fabricate" stuff??? lol :LOL::idea::frown2:
i fitted my c2 grill last week and put the grill there before fitting it, although i had the thought of, how do you open the bonnet??

i cut in different places to the pics on here and it only just sweezes in.

like the look of the dogmod though ;)