Cougar mods anyone?


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Mar 17, 2010
Hey everyone, im the proud owner of a V reg blue V6 Cougar and im thinking of changing the wheels, suspension and exhaust system but wanted to see what people recommended.

Im 31 so dont want a really loud system, id prefer something quieter so it wouldnt get annoying on long journeys but complimented the v6 engine noise. Ive listened to some blue flame systems on youtube and they sound kinda rattly and tinny. there is a vid of a mongoose system which sounds good too. any other ideas?

for wheels im thinking of getting the mondeo st220 rims (18s) as they dont look too aftermarket and seem to look good but any other ideas? has anyone ever put focus st or rs wheels on their cougar?

suspension im happy to go with anything...

also wouldnt midn fitting a spoiler, ive seen a few for sale with them on and they look great, any recommendations?

Hi rannable8 and welcome to the home of the Cougar. Everything you will ever need to know about your car is only a question away. I would strongly suggest, if you have not done so already, that you pay your 13 quid subscription fee to enable you to gain access to all parts of the forum.

If you have a read through the posts you will see that there is a group buy from MIJ Exhausts in Walsall coming up pretty soon. I can recommend the Mid Sport system from them as I have one fitted to my C2 and the sound is great, not loud at all. I have the twin exit system with quad tailpipes as do a few other members here. I paid 350 quid for my system back in August last year and I believe the group buy is a similar price.

As for your wheels, it's up to you what you fit, whatever you feel comfortable with. Everyone has their own individual tastes, but, the Mondeo ST220 rims do look good as do the Focus ST rims.

Again, the spoilers available are numerous. If you are looking for an OEM spoiler, pauldf1971 is trying to get a group buy from a company in the USA and I think they are working out at around 65 quid delivered. If you want a larger spoiler, just Google Ford Cougar Spoilers.

Hope you enjoy your Cat and have many happy hours of driving her.
Welcome to the forum.
ST220's and later Focus ST rims are 5 stud while the Cougar is only 4. The 5 stud conversion has been done but it was a labour of love and costly. ST200's and earlier Focus ST170's will fit fine though.
Welcome to the forum, we do the OEM Spoilers and if Paul's group buy from America doesn't happen I will let the spoilers go for £90 each (normally £99) (y) (y)

Hi and welcome Rob. :smile5:

I have a blue flame system and it's not rattly or tinny. I'd say it makes a nice meaty sound without being loud. Nice burble at idle too.
I'll be at MIJ for the group buy so you can hear it for yourself along with several other systems.
Those youtube videos don't really do the sound of any system justice. Not what you'd call audiophile quality.

I've got the original Focus RS wheels which are a direct fit and they're the only 18" Ford wheel in 4 stud fitment. (y)
I totally agree with Manos about the Blueflame - nothing tinny about mine and I think that it is the best looking one by a mile.

Having said that you'd be mad not to get in on the MIJ group buy on 28/03 - they do standard, mid sports and full sports - choice of single or twin exits and a couple of dozen tips to chose from (Twin tips on twin exits = quad :ihih:) and an excellent group buy discount price.

As for suspension - Eibach Pro sports - if you can get your hands on a kit - cos they've stopped doing them now (y)
Welcome to the club mate I agree with the other guys I have a blueflame and it sounds superb.

I am running eibach springs and dampers and the handling is superb!

If you look at my sig you will see what the ST220 wheels look like and the huge tyres improve the handling and grip so much
Welcome aboard Rob. Re: Exhaust - well I have an MIJ system fitted to mine (Mid-Sport) with quad 3 inch rolled exhaust tips. It's plenty loud enough without being overly loud on motorways etc. I too will be at MIJ this weekend (Sunday) as I'm having one of their "Sports Cat" fitted to my Coug. Even if your not in the market right now to buy, come along and meet us all and have a listen to the various systems. Cheers, Tim.
DYG3474- you lucky git those wheels look amazing!! I didnt think the 5 stud conversion would be worth all of the blood sweat and tears but i think you may have changed my mind!!

Wildv6- Yeah i might take you up on that, what time are you getting there for? Black Cougar looks clean and shiny! I havent taken any pics of mine yet as its a bit worn and tired looking but im hoping to get the bodywork sorted for the summer so i will start putting some pics up on here...
There'll be people there all day, we're hoping to get there for about half 9, 10 ish and are booked in at 12, you'll be able to see our wheels 'in the flesh' lol :LOL: :LOL:
I have done all the hard work for you guys now so the 5 stud conversion is fairly easy you just need to get hold of a good machine shop or someone with a cnc who has some serious skills!

With all the bits in place and a hydraulic press easily available it can be turned around in a day!

Check out the quick how to mate and see if your mad or brave enough

I will have to give the old girl a good scrub and update my Sig when the next mod goes on