Cougar-S refurb FINISHED!!!!



Ladies and gents, the refurb is complete!!!!








Which, unfortunately means she is officially going up for sale this week :cry:

So for anyone wanting a project car that needs just a little more time and money to make it magazine-ready (in my mind, anyway!), let me know!
Mate great decision with losing the rear spoiler it looks so awesome without it gutted you have to sell it it looks better now than it ever did in my opinion top work Rod really is.

Looking very cool indeed there Rod:cool:, the car's a credit to all your hard work mate, I hope you get what you're looking for on the sale.(y)
What a pile of poo....

SERIOUS NOW ... its looking good Rod, nearly as tidy as it was at the Bosham meet .... how many years ago ????? get it sold now and get that girl a wedding ring.
Wow, thank you all for such a positive response! Praise from Mr. Duff about a modded car is praise indeed!!

Phil, it's not going toward a ring, but a massive step toward our first house together hopefully!

For those interested, I am hoping to recoup the cost of the kit and wheels, everything else comes free! The kit cost 2750ish and the wheels 750, so about £3500.

Loads of extras, plus about 6 months MOT and tax, new clutch, New wishbones, new radiator, a few new spares as well.

There are a couple of minor niggles that need sorting, like a small crack in the front bumper due to pheasant damage, and the passenger door rubs a little. Someone with time and technical knowhow can probably sort these for pennies. I will post up a full list of details tomorrow for anyone interested.

Thanks again all!

Looking very nice there Rod, if I had the dosh - I would snatch your hand off - would love to have 2 Ebony coug's sat on the driveway!! lol Best of luck with selling her for the price you want (she's worth every penny).
Just don't let it disapear into the re-sale "black-hole" so we never see it again Rod, must be getting really cramped in there now with all those other cats that have gone a stray over the years....Mike's, G-pimps, Shagmonkeys etc.