Cougar Spotting/Spot the cougar


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Apr 19, 2009

Too easy ?(y)..... But what are the other 2 Fords ? :D

Thats looking into my front garden,
And this is looking out towards the layby.

My P100, my works van, eldest daughters Golf and the youngest daughters Suzuki Jimny which is great fun in the snow and ice (y)
Yehay! Spot on (y)
From left to right: Cougar, Sierra, Fiesta.
The suns coming out now, so it might soften up enough
to get the shovel out and clear some of it away so i can
get out:)
Did you see the P100 in Fast Ford this month? Nice silver one with a cosworth YBT engine.
Haven't seen it in FF but i have seen a couple of very nice silver ones (y)
I am off this week on holiday and one of my jobs was to start prepping
the Grannie Cosworth engine ready to go into mine, but this weather has
put the mockers on that :sad:
Mine already has a bigger lump fitted, it's got a 2.3 donkey diesel.:eek6:
I've been for a ride in one fitted with a YB putting out about 550bhp.
and i don't think my ticker or sphincter would take it anymore:D
Cheers ginja (y)
I have to go and get my mrs from work later so i will see if they have
a copy, I need a bit of inspiration to get mine done. And my Mrs. needs
to see that a pick-up truck is not a "pikey wagon" as she calls it :D