Cougar Spotting

Green V-plate in Cardiff Bay Pets at Home carpark. I was going to pop mine next to it, but some moron in a teeny hatchback decided he wanted to park ON the line..I hate that!
Hi all .
frosty on cannock rd wednesfield this morning at 10 oclock .
didnt get the reg was to busy looking at the two humungous centre exit exhausts
an i do mean humungous !
Bound .
TKMAX Bletchley on Wednesday night Frosty with a GNZ.... reg

Today frosty with spoiler on hatters way Luton N7.....

V reg Frosty on its driveway in Wing
went over to Sunderland today had a nice chat with Dar1979 and picked up some rather nice MOMO Alloys (Thanks again Mate(y))

On the way over spotted two Vreg frostys within a minute on M62 near Birch services. Obviously spotted Dars nice w reg Frosty then on the A1 another v reg Frosty at scotch corner.
met mark (charliecd001)and his other half for the first time today, cracking chap, glad you are happy with alloys, would have been a long journey if you were not, well impressed with marks 4wheel drive:ihih:, :idea:just needed to be frosty to be perfect :LOL::LOL:.. cheers bud for your advice(y)(y)
Frosty (VERY frosty!) V6, registration V385 EHY, parked up outside The Plough & Barleycorn at the Westbrook Centre, Waterlooville.
I saw a light redish Cougar C2 in Brixham, Devon over the holidays. Was quite shocked. Not seen it there since so can only assume they were there for the holiday period
Drove past another frosty in Leicester today, stuck a big thumbs up at him out my window, all I could see as he turned off was a big smile..... you know, that V6 grin!:)
Spotteed a Frosty reg: A1 VX? going past Sainsbury's in Torquay today. he ignored me although i was flashing my lights and waving... he probably thought i was a nutter... :LOL:
Black V6 Y626EKR at McDonalds in Bolton at 12:20pm, Sticker on bumper saying Fenders or something

Also Black Cougar in Atherton roundabout near the B.P garage oldish guy with glasses
Driving on to M65 at junction 6 about 10.50 am, we pulled out in front of another Blurple (not dangerously of course) T61 FCW I think, they must have turned off at junction 7 though.

Another Blurple parked on car park in Burnley centre around 1 pm, couldn't see reg due to barriers :smilewinkgrin: :smilewinkgrin:
Black C1 at Barry Morrison's petrol station. Had a for sale sign in the window. I pulled up next to him, peered in and gave the driver a nod, he nodded back. Lots of nodding...