Cougar Spotting

S189XAV has been quite a regular:

'S189 XAV - Silver Frost - V6 - Spotted on Ebay 04/04/2012 by Pid_16V) re-spotted for sale online by spjmorris 06/04/2014 again in Cambridgeshire 14/11/2014. Spotted again 17/06/2016 for sale exchange and mart. Spotted once again by spjmorris on Autotrader 01/03/18'
Last Saturday on the Perkins parkway in Peterborough. I literally thought I was seeing things when quite fatigued after several York to Peterborough trips I saw an Ebony Cougar in my rear view mirror. Dash cam proves it wasn't a dream. L99 DFH, looked really well with a massive exhaust that puts mine to shame. L99dfh.PNG

It turned a few heads at the lights as well, shame I was in my Mondeo