Cougar ST200 Brochure


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Sep 9, 2004
Some pics to help Ste with his ST200 conversion but may also be interesting for other members. :D

Any volunteers to translate the German text?






Cheers dude and thanks Lewy who had just pipped you at the post he pm'd me the german brochure. So looking at the pic's I need the black bezels around the light switch's and above the centre console (where the heater controls, rear demister switches, etc are). I know these are black on the Cougar 2, but I've already tried to buy them and peeps usually wont split the dash. So I reckon I will ask my bodyshop guy if he can do a perfect match when he does my touchup. I already have the st centre console, so back to the pic's I'm short of the ST seats and doorcards. I dont reckon I will ever be lucky enough to find these, so I'm on the lookout for the Cougar 2 Recaro's and doorcards (I think they look better than the st seats on the brochure anyway).

If I get my missing droplink in time and complete the rest of the work, I might try to gatecrash the Cougarfest (if I can afford the fuel!). I'm sure you guys could swing it to let me in for a couple of hours!


v6_cougar_london said:
Oh my look at those seats 8)
Yeah but its all speculative as none of these cars actually existed.....did they :?

In the manual for my car* there is the Spec for the 2.0L [Inline 4], 2.5L V6 (Auto & Manual) and the ST200 2.5L V6. But doesn't mean any actually found their way out of the factory.

i've got a Press pack from the frankfurt autosalon with bumpf on the ST200 also (suprisingly in C1 spec too)

*a V6 Cougar 2 as you all know
FlamencoAssassin said:
ginja said:
Yeah but its all speculative as none of these cars actually existed.....did they :?
Those pictures are not photoshopped so at least one existed for the brochure and the Frankfurt motorshow. :wink:
Yeah I have slides in my Press pack, allbeit of the exterior of the car. I actually thought those pics of the seats where photoshop :wink:
I wonder why the inclusion in our C2 manual's then, perhaps they decided on introducing it in C2 spec instead but the plug was pulled? Something we will never know as most people at FORD are still mistified over the whole Cougar project :LOL:
Lol ;) I thought it was quite obvious realy what was being said in the brouchure just a case of looking at it from a different angle, most words in German are similar to our own or have similar meaning, the translation from English to German isn't always exact, but you have to agree that most written European language is derived from latin so its a basic starting point.
I noticed key points on the "Quadralink suspension" and the Power & Torque outputs of the V6 engine, anything else is just SPEIL (ironicaly a german word) ;)