MAN! - I have to get one of these!!


What an anus!
ginja said:
p.whitelock said:
Haha what a numpty!
:roll: i remember your V6 sportin "R" badges in its Pie-in-ear days :wink:

Haha, yeh i seem to recall that. However i have saved the car and its now being treated properly :wink: :LOL:

Jeza said:
almost as clean as yours Mr Whitelock :D


Almost! :LOL:
Mine does need another clean. However where im working theres lorries driving along a dirt track, next to the car park, all day long so the car just gets covered every week day :roll:
We can only be thankful you can't buy Lexus lights for the things :?
Hahaha... I saw a Zetec Melina Blue with a Type-R badge some weeks ago... class