Cougar v6 coil



Hi guys

any one have the same problem,i seem to be running on 5 cyliders, i left car running and pulled off each lead seperatly of the coil pack,5 out of 6 of them caused a spark but one of them makes no difference on or off. Would this be a coil pack and if so is the mondoe v6 coil pack the same.

hi and welcome to,probably is the coil pack but there are different variations on the v6 best check with a dealer for the correct part number for your car first
thanks for the welcome all. can you get a non ford coil pack do you know

have a look on ebay as there is always ones on there for sale but might be worth testing you leads for resitance as one might be goosed
Hello and welcome .
Go to your local motorfactors they should be able to supply you an aftermarket one!. IIRC the last one I got was about £90.00.
As Paul says check the leads Something has caused the coil to fail!. This is usually resistance on the high tension side of ignition. Would reccomend go the whole hog and do plugs and leads at the same time!.
Hi i dont think its the leads, when i pull of each one at the coil i get a spark jump on 5 of the 6
The MK11 mondeo will go but I would not reccomend using second hand ignition parts it must be the 4 bolt variety as some come with 3 bolt holes and will not sit on the rocker cover!.
I have a spare V6 one in good working order, drop us a pm if its required. 2nd hand but cheaper than a new one
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