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Nov 20, 2006
Mansfield (Robin Hood Country)
Has anybody seen one of these before? don't think i have :confused:

I'm not going to name it, i just want to see if anybody recognises the model :D

The rear looks a little Corvette like (60s model) I think...:smile5:
yeh looks like a chevy corvette to me, the real old school ones.
It's a press pic for the Ford Cougar II Concept Car, from 1964 (y)

Very good, (y)

and this is the best piccy i can find of the 1955 Ford cougar 1

1962 Cougar 406


Text borrowed from another website?

1. 1962 Cougar I
2. 1963 Cougar II - The 1963 Cougar II prototype car was a styling concept to test the waters for a Ford 2-door sporty coupe. The car borrows heavily from the 1963 Corvette...ironic since this was to be a "Corvette Killer" with 427 power. There were two Cougar II prototypes made, both of which still exist. The fastback was loaned to the Petersen Auto Museum in LA several years ago sporting a non-functional 289 engine. The roadster is still at the museum in storage in Michigan.
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