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Cougarfest 2007 Live

hello from Billing.......

it's not actually that bad, the field is boggy in places, the marquee is on the hard standing, and Mr. Duff has been tinkering with lowering springs (again!!)

i will try annd get some piccies up later.........

and so the drinking continues.......... :twisted: :twisted:
here are a few more.....



the cutting of the cake...


the swamp


Richb explaining the recipe for the cake to ccindex and a.n.other


some people couldn't handle the pace....


even the pink ladies turned up...


Mo was telling us how big the goat was...


Charlies angels was one member short..

looking good keep e,m coming mate :LOL:
wow what a good job with the cake well done mate :D
i,m getting jealous now wish i could of come :cry: :D

john :twisted:
Am writing this from Brum airport, Fest was fun, bought some wellies based on vicki's advice and boy were they needed. Me and the duffster started out journey @ 6am and got there at about 4pm ish. We met Moostang + Mrs en route and I somewhat reluctantly took the lead because I had an (as yet at the time) untested s/prat Nav :LOL: :LOL:

Will give more of an update later, dunno if I'll have any net access on me hols. Back in a week. hope all had a good time :D 8)
It was great seeing all you guys yesterday, thanks to Alex for my front bar and induction kit- My fuel consumption has shot up by 3mpg! Weird!

I must say though, I am glad I only popped in for the day rather than staying overnight in a flooded field again. I'm going to post up some more LeMans pictures soon that will show you why.

I hope the Disco was groovy!

Well I can say with RESPECT another good turn out, all the usual suspects. Only turned up for the Saturday but had a lot of fun, well except for holding ALEX'S bonnet for 15min. (pictures as and when)
i cant wait for the rest of the pictures this year :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :oops: :oops: :oops:
This is a mixed emotions point in my life....

On one hand I'm hoping my poorly Rover got him home. On the other, I'm kinda hoping to put off him posting any photos for a while..... :oops: :oops: