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Cougarfest anyone?


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Dec 29, 2009
I am absolutely gutted to do this as I was really looking forward to my 1st one but I'm afraid I have to pull out of cougarfest.:(

Unfortunatley my wifes pregnancy isn't going as smoothly as we'd hoped and with only 5 weeks to go (4 weeks come cougarfest) I cant risk leaving her for too long.

And so I have paid for both Cougarfest attendance and a tent for Sat night at Grendon Lakes. I know there were a few that couldnt justify the expenditure at the moment so if anyone wants to take my place they can pay me back whenever they're a bit better off, no rush or pressure. Or obviously if anyone at the last minute wants fancies buying my place off me I'd appreciate that as well. Just wanna keep the numbers up fo Fest also.

Again apologies for pulling out but priorities and all that...... look forward to seeing the pics of what ive missed out on!(y)
the future bambino comes first as iam sure everyone would agree so hope all goes well for you and the other half
damn would go but cant drive with this blasted toe. would be nice to go as well. get the cougar ontot he mainland