Custom No Limits Grill Finally Fitted!


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Sep 9, 2004
So i FINALLY managed to get this on my car after nearly 2 years of it gathering dust!!


:ihih:Nice one Alex is a real one or a copy ?

I had an original No Limits grille that I got from Andy (aka v6 nos) and gave it to Twisted Limits to copy for the club, but they broke it when taking it out of the mould.

The made me a new one, but but I asked them to cut the centre section out for me. Its in no-way perfect, but It'll do for now!
H'mmm.....did I ever say that I have a grill just like that waiting to be fitted.......

........ha, if!

I do like though, very much (y) If it didn't look like I was copying your every mod :)lol:) I'd be tempted....:smilewinkgrin: :D