Custom Parcel Shelf - My Pics


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Sep 9, 2004
I was talking to a few people at the meet about the custom parcel shelves i made up - Here are some pics of how i Made them!

Step 1 - Print out a Cougar Logo!

Step 2 - Check it fits on the shelf!

Step 3 - Tape the Logo to the MDF!

Step 4 - Draw around the logo with a stanley knife then go over the marks with a marker.

Step 5 - Get to work with the Jigsaw - then using contact adhesive stick it to the shelf!

Step 6 - Using more Contact adhesive stick the carpet to the shelf and the logo - making sure to press the carpet into the corners of the logo using a blunt impliment!

After my angel eyes project is over I'll be making some more of these bad boys!!

Watch this Space!
Thanks for the kind words!!

I wish I hadn't given mine away for the Cougar-fest Auction a few years ago!

I'll be making a replacement soon enough - cant have any grey in my car!!
That looks really good. A mate of mine is doing flock dashes once I get hold of one ,getting mine done then he will have one in stock for exchange. Not had chance to price postage I,m on nights til Fri morning will get aprice then mate!.
Top one Alex, not a million miles from an idea I've had. I also have a parcel shelf for sale too, ad is in the appropriate section.