De-badged and Sprayed


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Mar 24, 2010
Hemswell Cliff, Lincolnshire
After a good weekend modding my car at Ace Melon's here is my Coug after being de-badged and I re-sprayed my rear light clusters to match the paintwork.




Thanks for all your help Alan
looks good mate, the rear lights always look horrible to me until the reflective bits have been sprayed to match makes the rear flow so much nicer.

I think Liam's got the "mod" bug :LOL:............(y)

I dunno what your on about Al, I'm just returning it to standard by:
1. Fitting 17" 12 spoke Team Dynamics White Alloys
2. Full de-cat SS MIJ quad port exhaust system
3. Racebits Induction Kit
4. Cougar Head Boot Badge
5. After market Cougar lettering
6. Stripes (thanks to Al)
7. Tinted rear centre brake light
8. Sprayed rear light clusters
9. Bee sting Aerial
10. Sony heafd unit

See just like standard:LOL::LOL: