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Hi, this may be your first visit to the forum or indeed any forum for that matter. So come on in and close that door behind you, it's cold out there!

In your early days of surfing this forum you may notice that many members refer to one another by their actual name rather than by their members name. You may notice that members chat about things from 3 months ago, a time when you weren't here. This may make you feel like a bit of an outsider but hold on to that thought for the moment, please let me explain.

Picture this if you will:

Imagine going into a pub for the very first time. All the faces inside the bar will look a little strange to you. Anyway, you order and down a quick drink then leave. The following night on the way home, you stop off at the pub for another quick pint, the bar maid gives you a friendly smile and says hello, she remembered you from yesterday.

The next evening the same happens and you get talking to Bob on the fruit machine. He invites you to a game of pool and introduces you to his friends, aint that nice. The next night and hey presto you go in and discover you're now a regular, Hello Bill, Sally, John you say, so who fancies a game of pool then?

Well forums work on similar principles my friend. We are a right old friendly bunch of people here and are always looking to expand our circle of friends.

So do come in and make yourself at home, kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and have a nose around. Hey why not reply to the odd post (there's a few odd ones here, trust me I wrote them). Lets see what happens.

And before you know it you're a regular. Truth is every one of us here is part of the IN crowd and that includes you.

Right it's your shout, I will set up the table. game on. :wink:

Names David by the way. :LOL:
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