Double Din Nav in Cougar 2


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Oct 29, 2008
Dayton PA
This is what i was up to this weekend
it turned out great except for a mark a i put on the bottom of the HVAC panels with my die grinder:frown2:
Some modification is required, you have to cut out all the non visable plastic from behind the stereo, and use a ford explorer double din adapter kit


the mounting kit is from a mecury moutaineer, or ford explorer (some cutting required) the unit is a pioneer avic d2
am i right in saying that your car already had a double din slot to begin with? yours looks different to ours. we have a much larger surround. well at least i do

EDIT... sorry, just looked through your original post and realised you did already have a double din setup, im now jealous :(

great for you though, and it looks awesome! im impressed!! :)
How strange I thought the US cars had the same dash set up as the UK cars just obviously LHD, but looking at this even your HVAC controls are different, there is no digital display yet you still have A/C
yes no auto climate control here, the 99 cougars had the same stereo hole as your cars beginning with some cars in 2000 they offered this size of hole which is double din after you trim some plastic from the backside of the panel. your stereos will also fit in this type of panel with no modification. but a stereo from this panel cannot be mounted in your cars. i had some long PMs with bobster about this all. hopefully his turns out good!
I wish i could get one of these units cheaper than the ?ú283.60 they currently sell at....Any body knwo of anything cheaper but as good??? Need Satnav / bluetooth / Ipod etc
the model i have lewy has dvd, tv , bluetooth handsfree, radio sat nav can be added with a module ;) retail on the bay for around 140..
Does anyone know where to get an equivalent kit to this guys in the UK? Or is anyone willing do the cutting and modding to my dash to make a double DIN unit fit? I am a subtle as an anvil and will royally screw up my dash ;)
Mate I posted a pic up a while back of the amount of dash trim that has to be removed so you can fit a Double DIN unit into our dash, its just a case of cutting the HVAC pannel then the unit should fit.

I'd do it myself but I haven't got the money to change my head-unit yet.
Ginja you bloody legend!
Im meeting up with nickm tonight to pick up a new centre console and door card for mine (the previous owner has left fag burns all over them) so the new ones will go in and the old centre console that i am removing will get chopped so if i make a bodge job of it i dont have to worry ;)
Obviously if i do it right expect to see a thread on here...
Always glad to help. If you cut it like that, the dash trim they give you with the head-unit should fit and it will look flush (OEM style) just try to keep them lugs at the bottom as they hold the panel to the dash. Some of the newer cars still need adpator plates even if the space in the dash is Double Din, the Focus & Mondeo spring to mind, both Pioneer and Kenwood need special kits to get them to fit flush. I was in the markest for a Double DIN when I got my system fitted but the fitters were worried it would look a bit of a bodge job so advised against it....then everyone started fitting Double DIN units and there looked like there wasn't any problems (except for realeaving a bit of the under dash so you could actualy push the unit back into the hole) and after spending £500 on my head-unit I wasn't about to change, but who knows there is plenty of life still left in the old girl ;)