droidgordie42's graphics


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Jul 5, 2009
Joanne's just reminded me we had these pics on her phone from the weekend when Andy and Vicky popped round to my Mother's with Gav's bumper (and my lovely red IMRC cover, looks absolutely fantastic does that, Andy, thanks a million). Andy mentioned that his Pidgraphics never seem to come out in photos, which was like a red rag to a bull with Joanne. To say she 'likes' the camera on her phone is a bit like saying Pakistan has recently experienced 'a spot of bad weather'....

Anyhoo, while I freely admit they're not my cup of Yorkshire, the pics haven't come out half bad.


we have tried and tried to get pics of these but they dont pickup on my camera even when you look at the car in some lights you can not see them at first glance wich i like very subtle and not over the top wich is the look we wanted in the rain they blend in so much so they look like they have gone then in other light they look 2 tone but once again a big thanks to Al