Ebony Owner In Reading



Hi all,

New member on here but have had my Cougar for a year now.. Am a member on SCC so some of you may have seen my name around..

A bit of back ground on my Cougar, I bought it last year needing a bit of work doing to it, and in desperate need of a service.. But overall the basis was one that I likes a lot..

It is a Ebony Black 99-V 2.5 V6 with 97k on the clock, it is pretty much standard with just rear tinted windows and graphite grey painted std alloys (had them on for the winter)..

I've given it 3 services in the last 12 months and have used Genuine Ford parts on each service and now is running nice and smooth..

Just this week ordered and received Wishbones, Rear Shocks, Front & Rear Drop Links and rear ARB Bushes, all of which I am hoping to get fitted in the very near future.. (time is something I never have lol)
I have relocated the IMRC to under the battery tray, but have a split wire which I need to fix at the weekend..

So there you go ladies and gents.. I look forward to catching up with some of you soon and making new acquaintances at the same time..
Thanks for the welcome peeps, always a good sign of a good forum / community when new members are warmly greeted..
Even better when I know there are "locals" on here as well..

Catch up with you all soon...
Hello buddy, Ive used the SCC forum for a couple of bits, never really got on with the format and the crazy colours though! Its always better looking here, although dont tell any SCC that I said that- what does that say about me anyway?! Enough. Welcome!!