embarrassing pictures


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Apr 8, 2009
iam not one for getting photos taken,but in another thread someone said i would need to wear my homer costume so they knew who i was lol,so had a thought lets have a thread and post a picture you normally wouldnt want seen,i will start of with this one.taken in grand canaria a couple of years ago after we liberated a bikini top from some poor lassy.well enjoy and laugh at my expense

Sod that, didn't you take a picture of the lassie you liberated the bikini top from?

P.S. It's the thread title spelling that's embarrassing! :LOL: ;) :LOL: ;)

Seriously though, you look very pretty in your little outfit there Paul.
lol love the 'bikini' line above the shorts and, hasn't anyone told you; you dont wear zebra stripes with a hairy chest! Sheesh! Gok would spin in his thong!
sorted jamie and yes i have a few of her poor lass from dunfermline lol,what happened was she kept pinching my seat so i wipped of her top and flung it in the pool so a few of us decided to do a fashion show lol
Boggin' is never a good look...


Neither is confused:


I don't even know what the hell I was saying or expressing when this was taken...


but I do know that Mr Whitelock's contribution was this:

Me at 17 before joining up and me at 22 after.... the crappy wallpaper was my bedroom! Arrrgh! See if you can spot the me in the second picture lol. Finally me with Royce Gracie (I think I was six months pregnant at that point!)
I don't have the muscles for a skirt. I think the boy in the blue dress fancies you Jason, but then so do I.

he didn't but his GF did lmao caused a bit of a problem:hand:

Jamie after our "special" time together at that fest I would expect nothing less:p