emisions on cougar



hiya all firstly can i say what a great site,glad i came across it,

right i swapped my ford focus 2.00 ghia for my cougar 2.5 v6 24v in silver straight swap with a local garage,i said ide do the deal if he stuck a years mot on it as it only had a few months left and got 6 months tax aswell,to be honest im paranoid lol as not many garages do straight swaps he seemed an ok geezer n showed me book price for mine and also cougar book price and they r both same,he said he did swap as he had 2 cougars in the garage and he could sell the focus quicker,

my question is i got the mot but there was no emisions certificate with the mot doc i thought you got these aswell or do you not get them sometimes?,
when i look at rear of cat it doesnt smoke ect but you can smell fuel/exhaust fumes for a bit whilst its running,then again maybe its me being paranoid lol as i have it in me head now it failed them and he wanted the deal so just banged me an mot out,

the car is in very good nic n checked everything and all seems ok checked the oil cap for gunk and milky sluge ect and there is none its all clean n tidy and seems as it should be,there is some service history aswell ans looks like its been looked after with reciepts ect for the work done in the past and there has been no money spared by looking at the reciepts,

would you say im being paranoid or can you sometimes smell the fumes ect at the rear?
and is there a free check i can take to garage or do they charge alot for this?
im thick when it comes to mechanics lol,

any help appreciated and thanks in advance jamie :)
The test station are not required to give a printed read out mate. The garage we use to do mot never give a printout.
Don't worry a lot of cars on here are decatted and still pass emissions.
I let my V6 coug run for a min or 2 before using in the mornings n as i walk past exhaust to get in it does smell of fuel!
So i wouldn't worry as mine had MOT not long back and i got emissions report and it was well within the max limit!
phew lol thanks guys thats made me feel abit better,was getting mega paranoid about it to be honest,its one of them things when you swap a car you know is ok for another car you know nothing about,in time that will change im sure,
and i must say i love it already loads better than my focus makes me smile whenever i go out in it n especialy when people stare haha thanks again :)
hi and welcome to ukcougar.com thats the joys of a v6 the smell and the growl of it youve got to love it
thanks ive defo got a grin n love the sound of the v6 cant help but boot it now n then just for the growling sound lol :)
Hi and welcome to ukcougar.com, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! ukcougar.com is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
thanks for the warm welcome i shall have a look round your great site
Hi and welcome Scud, don`t worry about the emissions, you`ve got an mot certificate for a year and if its koshe it had to have passed the emissions test. Few garages these days will do hooky mot`s, the penalty for being caught out isn`t worth it. Enjoy it mate, get some pics posted and hopefully we`ll see you at the upcoming meets.
hi and welcome scud your in my neck of the woods any misgivings or probs just dropm me a pm and i,ll have a look at it for you is your car silver with the purple bonnet and mirror caps if so its one of our old members cars
if you bring it over to me at paynes of hinckley i,ll get ot health checked for free ,part of the uk cougar.com service we do
Welcome to the forum Jamie, whereabouts in Leicestershire are you?(y) (y)
Reading tru this post i didnt really get the emissions answer .:ie actual reading,,, my question is how to get emissions down from what factory states to make it burn cleaner etc etc as now with all the road tax,s going on emissions outputs is there a cleaner way , on a 16v? (Dont say to cut emissions( DONT DRIVE IT) etc any info welcome plus the arguments between members could come to light????on which way is better.
There isn't a DIY way. Just make sure everything is in top notch working order, and bin any boy-racer go-faster tat that might be attached to your engine. A good quality panel filter on the air intake will help too.