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Excuse me please!

anthony grishmann

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Feb 8, 2008
poole dorset
im getting a little negative feed back on the forums lookin around to see whats goin on.. it seems on one thread this fest is not goin to happen on another it seems it does .. if one of the admin people could send me an email please to let me know as im organising all to get there and cancelling rehearsals and music projects to attend.

rich have a look on ebay shops for great.choices there auctioning same tents as halfords 4 man with 2 double inflatble matresess 4 sleeping bags,i got mine for £58 halfords £140,there based in lichfield if u bid and win a cheap one u can collect from them.hope this helps
yeah, but i had ..new oil pan put in, wishbones done ,custom made powerflow exhaust by mike stokes motorsport, engine cam and pullys done aircon replaced, fogs fitted,(its a 2ltr and not xpack) badges done mercury, got rid of the rats eating the engine electrics at last, cleaned all the underneath and had waxed oiled all the way through, sports clutch fitted, its got a clean bill of health, now im tryin to make it look better
You don't even need a cougar dude its defo a people event with cars thrown in for entertainment at some point ( well some of them!!)

I am still looking forward to Lucys comment of " you can play the music as loud as you like from the cars until darkness":hand::hand::hand::hand:

Gotta find a tent now :D

We decided that our single gas bottle-top camping stove needed upgrading, so popped into "Go Outdoors" in Coventry today to see what they had. 40 mins later walked out with a two burner stove, gas bottle, regulator, pipe, gas bottle spanner, a bigger table to put it all on, collapsible cupboard, and finally, a bigger tent to hold it all! Oh, and a huge dent in the credit card :yikes:

So we now have a spare tent. Have PMed RichK just in case he's interested, but if he's not, we'll announce here if we've got one going spare.
So we now have a spare tent. Have PMed RichK just in case he's interested, but if he's not, we'll announce here if we've got one going spare.

RichK's got back to me, and he's sorted now, so if anyone needs a tent at Cougarfest, we can bring this one along:

It's an Easy Camp Messina 400 click here for details. It's supposedly a 4-person tent, in the same way a Cougar is a 4-seater. Plenty of room for 2. While the inner sleeping compartment is spacious, the outer area's a bit more cramped. Note: no groundsheet included in outer area.

If someone just wants to use it, let us know and we'll bring it along so you can. If someone wants to buy it, give us £20 and you can take it away from Cougarfest. It was bought new last year for about £60 and has seen 6 nights' use (Modified Nationals, Cougarfest and New Forest meet).
Warthog, you got a deal! Will bring my silly 2 man job along incase I missed out, But defo need this for future meets! Let me know! Cheers!