FAO Mark (SabreTooth) Flames :)

Ace Melon

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Aug 10, 2009
Market Rasen, Lincs
Flames dude,
The effect is cool. The application was a bit lacking so they came off again. Add another thng to the list of things I can't do and that others (mentioning no names....Pid) make look so easy.
Speaking from experience One very rarely gets any job right first time but if you can learn from mistakes your on the road to success.(y) On the other hand give it up and let somone else do it.:devilish::bomb:
It's hard to see the effect from just that one pic Al, but it does look quite cool, kinda embossed. Well if you liked the effect, but felt they were'nt applied properly, I have a 2nd set. If you want to ask Al Pid if he'll fit them for you & want to give it another go, drop me a PM k.(y)