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Fest Hire info



Just wondering if someone could let me know who we hired the equipment from and a rough idea of price, for the fest at Grendon?
Following the enjoyment we had there, a group of friends of mine decided to go there for the Bank Holiday weekend. We all had a great time, but could have improved it with the likes of the fridge and BBQ!
Just for info, the shower/toilet block STILL isn't completed although it does now have proper walls and a roof! Lol.
Oh, and it is now suitable for arachnophobics, they have cleaned them all out of the toilets! Lol.
Pop a pm to Jason, he organised those items! How's the car now Trevor?

I have a few ideas ona headunit for you too, will sort out a few and pm them over, then we can get you Parrot'd up lol ;)

Will get him pm'd today.

As for motor, don't go there! Ended up having to pay the french prices and then the t*** didn't do a check to see that the charge was getting through to the battery! Hence, broke down on the French Motorways, £150, missed ferry and had to book another one, £150, a 2nd new battery, £130, then a mechanic to follow me home and sort out that it was a £7.61 blown fuse, £280! Add that to the original £700 bill in France, ........ Let's just say a bloody expensive week!
May be holding fire a little on the head unit stuff! Lol. But let me know your ideas!
No probs mate, I guessed you'd have had a bit of an expensive time!! I'll shoot some ideas over to you any how, might make you love your car agian!!
Oh, don't get me wrong, as much as it's been a bind and an outragous expense, I still love the car just as much. Perhaps it's just about time I started to try and do a few bits more myself! But then again, I'd probably do more damage than good! Lol