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Mar 24, 2014
Hi Folks!

2 days to go!

The two marquees are up, so we'll be OK if it rains....

For those who haven't been here before, just drive into the Nursery and straight ahead down the track into the Fest field, and make yourself at home!
Any questions just call me on 01684 540631.

Bruce is waiting to meet his new mates, and I've brushed some of the cobwebs off my other Cougs lol!

look forward to welcoming you all here,


That sounds great! What's the best time to arrive on Saturday with everyone? Will just be visiting for the day but be good to meet some more members, see some more members cars and then go for a drive out perhaps? Is that something that happens? Be great to drive in convoy with other Cougars when I can go months without seeing one on the road! Hope the weather improves
Arrive anytime Saturday, although before 7am it maybe a bit quiet lol!
I'm sure we'll have a convoy both Saturday and Sunday.
Matt, you can be route planner!
Looking forward to this, can't wait. It will be good to give my coug a good run and blow away the cobwebs. See you Friday
Done five 12 hour day shifts on the trot and two 12 hour nights to go so might well be a bit tired when i get up friday afternoon so looks like it will be sat and sunday for me, after all i do have four miles to travel...lol.
after all i do have four miles to travel...lol.


Grendon was super-convenient for me, being about 15 miles away. But the shared facilities were always dirty, there always seemed to be neds in the next field over, the bugs were intolerable (because, uh, lake), and it never felt like a proper road-trip with such a short drive. Like, I could've popped home for a cuppa.

I know that we're not really going to have the weather with us this year - only Saturday looks passable - but I have a feeling that this venue will be the best one yet. It helps that Wil is a really stand-up guy doing immense things for the Cougar.

Me and Tiger are looking forward to sitting in a field and occasionaly blasting around the Malvern hills, no doubt. Roll on Friday afternoon.
Gutted we can't make it this year - been to every Fest since 2010.....but the damned on-call got in the way this year :oops:

Hope you all have a great time - will Wil be dishing out the Fest "asbos" this year (Langers, I'm looking in your direction)? :music:
Slight change of plan for me - I probably won't be there much before 16:30-17:00 because I have some detours and errands to run in the morning. Also taking a leaf out of Matt's book and going to go cross-country via Buckingham/Croughton/Chipping Norton/Tewkesbury/Ledbury just for a giggle.

Wil, I hope you're planning on swelling the numbers with a selection of your Kitties?
Good choice of route, Chris.
There are currently 7 Cougs out there, plus Tony's so we are off to a good start!
Good choice of route, Chris.

Thanks! I know the Cougar is supposed to be a motorway cruiser, but I've seen far too much of the M40 for my liking. Time to step it up a notch and see our actual country.

Wish I'd done something similar on the way back from Scotfest to be honest. Oh well - there's always next year.

There are currently 7 Cougs out there, plus Tony's so we are off to a good start!

An excellent start. I expected nothing less, sir.
Good choice Chris. When you get to Evesham, head for Pershore, then Upton Upon Severn. Shorter and much nicer. ;)

As for me, I am working tomorrrow and Sat so will hopefully pitch up around 2130 on the sat night but at least free to attend Sunday.