Finally I am the the owner of a lovely Cat :)


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Feb 21, 2010
South Herts
Yippeeee (okay - that sounds childish but I am that happy)

went to see it today and with a little haggling I got him down to a good price - a grand in total :)

X-reg, 2.5 x-pack with 62k on the clock, FSH, had a new clutch and flywheel last year, just had new pads and discs all round. It does have some cosmetic issues that need dealing with when I get time, but I reckon £250 should sort that, its got a working sunroof too

guess you can say I am happy with my choice

oh - and its a frosty :cool:
You'll get asked for pics lol - welcome to the forum and don't worry about being childish, Kev getting rather excited about his new exhaust tomorrow :eek: (y) (y)
lol, I will do some pics tomorrow :)

I will be getting a new exhaust too - local place to me though, not MIJ as its too far from me

cheers Stribo - yeah, I think so too
Sounds awesome, I was as excited as you when I picked mine up, just watch the drive home! I was thrilled with mine and still am, quality car as far as I am concerned!

Well done buddy, another club car :D
thanks guys - and Tigger, too right mate - side reps must go before I get noticed and pointed at ;) - then I have a long list to do until I am completely happy, but at the moment I am savouring the moment :)
Nice on Andy, sounds like you picked up a bargain. Will be good to see pic's before and after you have given her a good detailing. Mate, were all like big kids when it comes to our Cougs, so your not alone! lol (y) :LOL:
Wild - I will do some pics tomorrow - as I want to do a diary of things that get done

Tigger - yep, sure is, I cannot stop smiling

anyways - I am off for a read of the forum, lots to think about - and let the questions begin :)
thanks dar & Bridge :)

I am sitting here itching for tomorrow to go for a drive again, gotta get some brighter bulbs before I go driving at night (suffering the single candle look that my g/f's Puma had)
go for a hid upgrade, i got mine for about £30 , well worth it, dont even need to use hi beam or fogs anymore, there is a how to, its very easy, (y)
hmmmm..... - that may not be a bad idea Dar, but int he short term I will need brighter bulbs as I am working late on Monday

thanks for the idea :)
cheers guys

don't use the sunroof?? LOL

Quicksilver - had Nightbreakers once before - used to light up major cities, jeez were they bright :)