Finally some decent pics of my Frosty - and the first mod.....


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Feb 21, 2010
South Herts
Hey guys

Finally got round to getting the Cat cleaned and also had time and energy to do the first mod - the fried-egg look has gone :)

Forum 4..jpgForum 2..jpgForum 5..jpgForum 3..jpgForum 1..jpg
A very clean standard example - so what's next on the modding list? lol - I have seen your list...but which one comes next??? lol
cheers guys :)

well, the wheels have been got - but they need a refurb and thanks to the taxman being a greedy bugger I have to put that on hold until next payday. So next is not a mod but a fix, up to Alan's (Pid) to have a non-dented tailgate fitted (y)
thanks ginja - I am well pleased with it, and hopefully by time I am finished with it I will be over the moon

I am loving the power it has - made me wonder why I did not get a V6 years ago