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Jun 15, 2010
So, i went up to Scunthorpe today to collect my new C2 from Si. This car is amazing!!! i never thought i would like a car this much and for me to actually have one. Smiling all the way home and when my next door neighbour said "IS THAT YOUR NEW MOTOR" "yes" "WOW!" :D cheeeeeeesy grin

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a pleasure to buy one, and also Scunny himself for being a proper nice bloke and helping me out today with tips and advice for the cougars specific needs :) oh and selling me the car in the first place :D

Thanks everyone
Congrats on your new Cat, Chris, I nearly PM'd you about it, but didn't want to step on Dave's toes, as I know you were looking at his as well. You've got a properly good car there mate, Si's put a lot of work into getting it to the way it is now, and it's a credit to him (and others that have helped him with it). Hope you have many happy miles of motoring in it. BTW it's the best colour as well. :D

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in all seriousness Chris i am chuffed you are happy with it. I am have 13 months of pleasure from that car and I am genuinely sad to see it go, as is the wife.

There are not many better 10 year old cars on the road.

How quickly will the modding bug bite.
The modding begins monday with the dash light then the induction kit is next when i can get the money :S as that kit you had on Cat2 needs to get on mine ASAP :) maybe a K&N 57i me thinks :D

Thanks everyone.

p.s Stribo, i heard your vibes subconsciously :D
i have heard good things about the 57i kit Chris. That dash light did go out when i bought the car but uncle Al (pid) fixed it for me in 5 minutes flat.

The racebits kit works lovely on cat2, as you heard, and for the money you can't go wrong, you might just have to fettle the fitting a little bit.

Like I said to you when you collected the car Chris, the cat may benefit from a new rear wiper blade. The one on it is nearly new, but it is not great. Not a bank breaker though mate.

I am glad the car is still in the club.

All the best

Yea i think i may go for the K&N i think, and yea gonna nab a wiper blade from halfords on monday and will get the bulb sorted on monday aswell as shops are hardly open in my town on sundays.

Thanks again for your help, good meeting you today
Definitely go K&N Chris, although the racebits induction kit is cheap, they have been problematic (not in all cases). I've had my K&N 57i on for 2 years now, and not have a problem. Also it comes with a fixing bracket, and cold air feed pipe, which the racebits one doesn't.

On a totally different subject, if it's not too late you should think about coming to Ford Fair, a chance to show your Cat off, and meet up with the rest of us, and get some modding ideas. ;)
First Mod today :) switched over my Alpine iPod kit into the C2 from the dead escort. Also, gave it a 5 hour deep clean in and out with full wax. LOOKS AWESOME!!!

Next, induction kit being ordered tomorrow :)