Fitted Racebits induction kit today



Well finally had some free time today so decided to fit the induction kit i bought from racebits a few weeks ago. Took a bit longer than expected as some of the rubber hoses etc were really stiff and took some persuasion to fit over other bits and bobs..... but got there in the end!

Here's it before:


After removing the rubber sleeve and the cables and tubes:


removed the airbox completely


Time for a brew


Finished product:


Took it for a spin afterwards and there is def more Grrrrrr to it :D

I've orderd an extra cold air intake of ebay so will fit that tomorrow if it comes, also need to re-set the ECU.

The fiter cone was tapping on the bodywork as i was drivng so i need to find some way of securing it down somewhere, but all in all really pleased with it (y)
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looks good kev, does the cone rattle on the bodywork?

got my extra cold air feed off ebay today but the lovely manchester weather stopped me from fitting it
no ryan no rattles on mine i can tell the difference and i like it (y)(y)(y)
took mine for a spin 2nite and it was Chuggin away like mad, think it's heat soak, even more annoyed i didnt get the cold air intake fitted today, bloody weather!
yea everything is defo connected up properly, the air temp sensor is just taped secure at the min because I need to take the cone out again to fit the extra cold air intake, i plan on glueing it eventually
nope, not this one mate, keeps falling out if you dont secure it properly. The tape holds it ok but it's not great. Think its either gonna be glue or a great big wack of bluetac :LOL:

Other members have fitted the same kit and have had to secure the sensor
Must be a blinkin big hole Ryan - you saw the problems that I had getting mine into my K&N but what I do remember is that I was told that it had to be absolutely airtight to work properly. The other thing was that the K&N kit had a mounting bracket which went roughly where the airbox mounts were and stopped any movement. I take it that you didn't get anything like that with yours? Dead simple so if you continue to get the rattle pop round and have a look at mine - I'm sure that we could knock something up that would sort it (y)

cheers Iain, ive got something in mind already - the air temp is pretty tight but may have come a bit loose, i'll need to double check before settin off for work in the morning - 7am start booooooo!

and I remember you having to drill the hole for yours to fit - mine kept falling out! haha