Fitting child seats to the rear



My wife and I had a Melina Blue 2.5 X packed manual before we had children, and I am starting to want another, but there is a problem. On of the reasons we got rid before, was we were told due to the rear bucket seats car seats won't fit. Is this true???
They seem to fit in mine OK, I've tried two so far but these are both forward facing seats for ages 1+, I've not had any need to try the rear facing ones for babies - although that could be an issue in the next year or so, so I should probably give them a try but I can't see any reason why they wouldn't fit.

You will find some seats won't fit, but you get this with all cars, it's not the bucket though that will stop it (that tends to help as it gives the base of the seat more support) it's the length of the seat belt receiever socket bit. Some seats are designed for very small ones (they tyre buried into seats) and some are deisgned for the loose ones which are on a length of seat belt.

If you go to mothercare they will try a selection of seats for you to find the best one.
Ive had 3 different car seats in mine and they have all fitted no problem, ive had forward facing and rearwards facing ones and there were no problems
Brilliant news! Although I think that my wife will be gutted as this was the reason we sold our original (and much loved) Cougar. Cheers though, all the same!
We've just today got back from our family holiday. My 4 year old nephew's car seat fitted just fine in the back of the Cougar and, with the front seat set where it naturally stops after it's been folded forward and put back, he had plenty of leg room, whilst allowing my 6 foot father in law to remain comfortable in the front. Add one DVD player mounted in a canvas bag strapped to the headrest and a pair of Halfords sunshades and he was one happy little bunny.