Ford Cougar (98-02) Parkers Car Report

Loving my Cougar, slowly getting him ship shape, but i'm going to have too make him a bit quicker, who has had the best results with what?

Below is not a bad example :)

Is yours a Zetec or V6? The standard V6 is 170bhp - with a few simple mods you can get up to 185ish - do what I've done and you get 214 - do what shagmonkey did and you can get a whopping 350!!!!

The cougar is a GT not a sprinter but the cheapest way of getting good ideas is to fork out a measly £15 for a years membership which will unlock a treasure chest of info including who has done what and what it might cost (y)

First thing to do though is to get a "hello" up in the new owners section and.............PICTURES......................we need pictures :LOL:
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