Found this..........;-)


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Sep 25, 2006
Middle of a Huntingdon work the other day parked in the foyer :D


Lola LMP car (y) NICE!!!! :)
Lol one of the planet gears self destructed into 3 bits!!! Only reason i could still drive it was one of the bits wedged the crownwheel lol hmmm ebay here i come hehe

PS i want a cougar shell for it, i know they do em cos Mo got one ;-)
4x4 cougar hmmm does that mean i'll have to paint it green pmsfl
Wondered how long it'd be before you killed the Scoob, that thing is silly!! I'd you get stuck for bits, try a place called Kits and Bits in Coventry and I can always collect and post for you if they can't.