Good Morning People, Newbie Here.



Hi All

My names Wayne, I live in Boston, Lincs and im very much a new member.

When I woke up Friday morning I never (ever) expected to be a Ford Cougar owner by the end of the day, but I was taking a customer back to his house (I work for Enterprise Rent A Car) and talk turned to why he had needed a hire car. Turns out he has a Cougar whose auto gearbox has gone kaputt. He said he was going to Ebay it but he just wanted rid asap. He said an amount and before I knew it, i'd brought it.

Its a V6 on a 99/T plate. It has 17" Fox racing alloys (with 2 month old Avons on the front), a Sony Xplod remote control stereo and everything else you would expect.

The fella I got it from was a teacher who had brought it when it was 6 months old. Its a typical not cared for car. The exterior is best described as shabby with a few parking dents and scrapes and the interior is finished in cloth and dog hair with a smell to match. It has a rust hole in one of the sills and the engine has an oil leak (which im sure is coming from the oil filter). But the engine sounds as sweet as a nut.

Not sure at this moment what im going to do with it. I may break it for spares or I may fix the gearbox and sort all the other problems. Does anyone have an auto gearbox going cheap??????
Hello and welcome we have quite a few members from your neck of the woods. As for the cougar an auto box can usually be found on ebay!. as for beaking it well interior is cloth so pretty much unwanted engines don't expect to get more than a couple of hundred for it!
What was the initial diagnosis for the gearbox?
Welcome to the forum, hope you get the car back on the road soon (y) (y)
welcome to the forum , be a shame if it gets broken, these cars with a little tlc are brilliant, comfortable cruisers, good luck with it either way, (y)
Welcome to the forum Wayne. Mate, spend a bit of time and TLC on her and bring her back up to scratch. As Mark aka Charliecd001 has said the auto gearboxes are generally fairly cheap on fleabay. Would be good to see another Coug back on the road instead of being broken into lots of bits. Good luck with it anyway.