Hello All



Hi, New member with Cougar 2.5V6

Did not go out with the intention of buying a Cougar but have not regretted it. Very relaible high speed cruiser with big boot.(y)

One odditiy though. Power steering is noisy (has been like that since I got it and is not getting worse or loosing fluid). Not just noisy at parking speeds either. Should I worry?
welcome to the club m8, might be power steering pump on its way out, but someone with more knowledge will be along shortkly to advise you better, (y)
Welcome to the club and as Dar said, someone will be able to answer about your power steering pump :LOL: :LOL:
Welcome to ukcougar.com mate. As for your Power Steering, if you are not losing fluid and the reservoir is topped up, it will more than likely mean you will need a new pump.
Hello and welcome aboard bud. Hope you get your Power steering issue sorted quickly. Are you getting any sqealing from underneath the bonnet on rotation of the steering wheel? could be a worn belt needs replacing? but as the others have said, possibly pump on it's way out.
Welcome to the forum mate. This isn't going to be alot of use to you, but my power steering made a racket when I first bought my Cat, but it came back, after having a service, totally silent. I don't know what they did, but they didn't change the pump.