Hello from Czech



my name is Marek. I had Cougar for 2 years and I would like to introduce my cat to you. It´s laser red zetec with some mods, but I´m going to do more from underhood to interier...:)



Hi and welcome to ukcougar.com, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! ukcougar.com is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Hi Marek, that's a lovely looking Cougar you have there. You may be aware that Laser Red is ultra rare over here, I think there were only ever something like 2 or 3 in that colour that made it to UK shores, so it's always nice to see pics of one. You've got a couple of interesting mods going on there, I particularly like the centre exit exhaust. And is that a set of Speedhut dials I spy?