Hello from Durham


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May 11, 2010
As a new (1 month) owner of a '98 2.0 just a quick hello and to say how much I'm enjoying the car after a months commuting and 2 x 500 mile round trips to Aberdeen. More mileage than usual for me but one of the reasons I went for the 2.0 (I had a 2.5 V6 Mondeo a few years ago) was that I managed an average of 43 mpg on the trips and still had a lot of fun despite the 37? speed cameras between my house and my folks.

No real problems so far except I need to top up the power steering fluid and I don't have a manual, so am not sure what type I need? and there is a small 'knock' from the offside rear wheel area on small bumps which I think is probably the lower suspension bushes.

I may well be looking to make a couple of minor tuning tweaks, so looking forward to receiving the wisdom of you all when I get my membership through. Cheers (y)
welcome to the forum ruffwood, there is a few of us in North East , me, caricougar, wogans wig and hardy to name a few, you will find plenty of advice and info on the site, (y)
welcome to the club.

unfortunately a manual does not exist for the big cat, but this forum provides the answers to just about anything you want to ask.

In the fullness of time you might want to access these areas, which are for subscribers, but works out at just over £1 per month!
Thanks for the welcome.

I've seen a couple of Cougars around Durham, one of them twice coming in from Lanchester area + one at work when I used to do the odd shift in Darlington, so it's good that there a re a few 'locals' (y)
Thanks for the part number. Will know next time but just been to Partco and got some, which although marked as auto transmission fluid by Fuchs, is 'definitely' the right stuff as it was checked by 3 different people! Steering now feels spot on.

Will be subscribing as soon as I'm allowed.
hi mate atf and p/s fluid are one of the same to most manufacturers you need any help just pm me ok as i work for the blue oval

Odds on it's you. I live in Langley park and work in Stanley.

I'll keep my eyes peeled and give you a flash......so to speak :beer: