Hello from London!




my name is Spyros and I live in central London.
I own a blue Cougar 2.5 V6 '99 since 2007. I had a few visits as a guest in this great forum (which I found by googling) to find useful information but only became a member recently because I needed to post a question (already posted under General Info http://www.ukcougarforum.com/vb/showthread.php?12962-Fuel-Pump-question) about the problem I have with a broken fuel pump that needs replacing.
The new one costs is very expensive and the second-hand one I have found in ebay is of a type that is different to mine... Any ideas where I can find one would be greatly welcomed!
Thanks a lot Steve! Great info!
Cheers Paul!
I had a look and it seems to match the way the mechanic was describing the pump to me over the phone... :eek:/
I am now waiting for the mechanic to go online and see if it looks like the one in my Cougar!
I hope it does. Then, I just have to wait for my credit card to be confirmed by ebay before I can buy it straight away!
I am surprised that neither the mechanic nor the people he was asking knew about this option...
Thank you again. :eek:)
Thanks dar!
BTW, mechanic called, looks exactly the same apart from the colour of wires and jack on the plate so he is going to try to buy and fit it! Fingers crossed!
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Hey Spyros and welcome to the home of the Cougar. As stribo says in the previous post, if you subscribe - a measly 13 quid a year - you will have access to everything you will ever need to know about your car.
Hello dude and welcome! Good to see another one in the South, hope you get plenty of ideas from here, I have but havn't the heart to do any serious mods yet!