Hello from Norwich


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Feb 20, 2010
Hi, I joined this forum in february and its taken me all this time to get round to saying hello.

I have owned my cougar since November I have a blue V6 X pack and I am really pleased with it although I do find it a little expensive to run, such as £160 on 2 tyres today!:cry:

I will also get round to subscribing as I always seem to be doing something on the car and some help would be great.

hi chris welcome to the forum, the subscription is well worth it, (y), you still on std cougar alloys or aftermarkets?
hi, no my cougar is still on the orignal alloys, might look at changing them in the future.

the tyres for the original alloys are becoming harder adn more expensive to get hold of, a lot of owners have changed to aftermrket alloys or changed tyre size to 215/50/16 (i think) sure someone will be able to confirm, (y)
Thanks for the advice, I will have to look around for some new alloys later then. I was thinking of getting bluefin for the cougar but maybe I should get the wheels first.

Thanks for the welcome everyone.