(y)minty 1975, post a hello in new owners/members section and get a proper hello, lis your probs there, im sure people will help where they can, but as mentioned in previous threads, susbscription will save you a fortune,(y)
There all mad in here mate, you'll soon get used to them, but they/we are a good bunch really. We are allowed out on a day trip (meet) once in a while, and its well worth tagging along, even if it's only to see the local wildlife....:rolleyes:
hi and welcome minty, good bunch on the forum, little bit mad most of the time , lol, seems like you have a few probs with the cat, there wont be many place to get a strut brace , either ford themselves, prepare to be robbed, ebay , or if you can find one in good nick on a cat being broken, think there is one or two been broken recently on the forum, sure if someone has the piece, they will mesage you, so what have you got, v6 or zetec, and what colour??
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Hi minty and welcome to the home of the Cougar. Do NOT buy your strut brace from JDMHonda in the USA, they don't fit. If you subscribe to ukcougar.com - a measly 13 quid a year - you will find out everything you will ever need to know about your Cougar.
What model and year do you have?
Get some pictures posted so we can all see it.
hello folks