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May 25, 2010
Hello chaps and chappesses,

Not an owner but seriously looking at buying a V6 after i sell my Puma (gotta stay Blue Oval!), a quick question if i may;

Has anyone remapped their V6 cat and seen reasonable gains? i only ask because all three of my cars have been remapped at one point or another (Astra, Golf TDI and a 1.7VCT puma) and the difference has been fantastic on all of them, not only on Performance but on MPG as well.

if I've put this in the wrong section I'm very sorry, still trying to find my way around lol! :)

Hi mate, welcome to the forum. I haven't remapped my Cat, but I believe Bobster has some experience of doing it.
Hi Andy, welcome to ukcougar.com.
Re-mapping has been done in various ways on both cat variants and with varying results. I'm sure you'll get some replies on this topic, ideally in the subscribers sections where it is covered in various guises.
I had a "superchips" on my zetec, and the performance was very noticable, not lightening but very noticably quicker. After that, Bobster1984 remapped my ecu, as he had also done his own with good results, and imo a good comparison to what i had with the superchip.
Hi & welcome to UKC.com JP(y).

On a V6, I'm not aware of any significant gains through remapping, over say getting a performance s/s sports exhaust with decat/sports cat, with improved induction. I believe the bluefin remapper claims to give an increase of up to 12BHP iirc & most other remappers seem to tie other mods together to give a smoother performance curve, rather than any significant increase to BHP. So if you're looking to modify your car in the future, I would recommend considering getting the remapper added, after adding your other performance mods first............others which will be revealed when you pay your subscription fee lol!:)
have had a remap and exhaust and induction and owned car for 8.5 years now and still pulls like a train a sensable upgrade to the puma this is the next car for the wife so we can have our own pride of cats
hi and welcome to forum when you buy the cougar you,ll get a great expierience way better then the puma better handling and ride
I owned a Puma for around a month and they are quite agile little things. You will like the Cougar but the handling isn't quite as sharp but the V6 is noticably nippier.
Hi andy, welcome aboard mate. You really can't go wrong with the V6...just listen to that growl!! lol